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Next openings


La Bicyclette Bleue is moving!

La Rustine, the workshop that has welcomed us since our beginnings, is located at the foot of a building that is undergoing renovation. We had to leave the premises and are looking for a new workshop.

Until further notice, we are no longer renting!

For returns, please go to Uni-Dufour.

We rent


From 3 to 12 months

For students, seasonal, people looking for a bike for the summer...

Rent and get free access to our partners !

People talk about us (!)

Since we're superfamous (hum hum), we collected the articles here .


When we open the workshop - la Rustine - it's also an opportunity to perpetuate the initial vocation of this place: self-repair.


Used parts are free price, new parts recommended retail price. The tools are available to you free of charge.


Come to the workshop (learn to) repair your bike during our openings (see above )!